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I was falsely accused of something that could have ruined my entire career. As I called several attorneys to seek advice, Michael was the only one who promptly responded to my call even during the weekend. He told me to come to his office very next day to explain the situation in detail.

Ever since, Michael has always been there when I needed him. He believed in my story and stayed on my side until the end. The problem did not get resolved and had to go to the court for a jury trial. There were numerous meetings and hearings happened even before the trial, and the other side kept changing their stories and made it sound worse and worse. They even falsified one of the document submitted to the police. Michael did not just let these inconsistencies slip through. He kept a good track of their lies and used these evidence against them during the trial. In addition, Michael was very knowledgeable about how jury trials go. Michael respected my opinions on picking juror as well.

At the end, everything went well. I was found not guilty, and I got my life back. Michael was sincere and tried his best to help me win this case. If you are in a similar situation as I was, I hope this review helps you find a right attorney who is ready to fight for you.

Letter from Client
Criminal Case
Jury Verdict of NOT GUILTY
February 8, 2015

Our son was falsely accused of something at his college. The charges were serious and they threatened his career. I called several lawyers, left quite a few messages, and was promised returned phone calls. I got nowhere.

I read about Michael Lorence online and was really impressed. I called the number listed and he picked up the phone and listened to me tell our son's story. Wow! I felt like he truly cared. Since time was of the essence, he agreed to see us at his office that very same day. He even arranged the appointment around our schedule.

Attorney Lorence gave our case his complete attention. He worked nonstop and was in constant contact with us. He changed his schedule to accommodate our every need. He did an excellent job.

Our story had a good ending thanks to Attorney Lorence. Michael is a sincere and compassionate person and we are so very thankful that he was there for us. I hope our story helps someone else facing the same situation that we did.

Job security these days is tedious at best, and working for the Post Office falls into that category. Even more so now that Postmasters value managers that bully their employees more than a dependable worker.

I've been a mail carrier for 22 years and the first 17 went by pretty much as expected. I consider myself a good worker with no discipline at all on my work record. Then we got a manager that saw my deformed right leg as a major liability to his "numbers". He harassed me regularly and tried to discipline me for anything. I had several Congressional Inquiries and EEO's against this man to no avail. My Union could not do much either.

That's when I met Michael Lorence. He stepped in and defended me when no one else would. (Going against the government can be like banging your head against a wall.) He fought for my rights and changed the demeanor of my office in no time. Several of my co-workers have also used his knowledge and expertise in employee rights.

I would highly recommend this man if your being bullied in your job. He is a friend of the employee in a time when management is becoming increasingly overbearing.

David Bugay
Pittsburgh, PA
March 12, 2013

Unfortunately I have had the need for attorneys both civilly & criminally many times in my life. After dealing with many different attorneys, one stands out in any crowd.

I recently had the pleasure of watching attorney Michael J. Lorence do what he does best which is win. Twice.

I wish I had met him under better circumstances rather than him coming to my rescue in 2 criminal matters but I was thrilled to have his support.

In both separate & different criminal matters which happened to overlap, I attempted to resolve them first both myself & with another attorney with no success. Once I retained Mr. Lorence the prosecution immediately recognized his ambition & abilities & dismissed both cases upon their first contact with his superior defense abilities and tactfully aggressive demeanor.

I don't know how Mr. Lorence's fee compares to other local attorneys as a whole but I do know that a cheap lawyer going to trial is more expensive then a great lawyer getting a case dismissed.

I have also used his abilities to resolve some civil matters which he performed exceptionally well at as expected but his talent truly shines when you see him argue criminal defense.

I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Lorence to anyone who prefers to win in legal matters. The only reason I would hesitate to recommend would be so he could be fully available to me at my whim but I hope to not need him again. However should I ever need representation again he will certainly be my very first call.

I actually brought up the subject of asking how I could go about recommending Mr. Lorence to others in need. He did not persuade me in any way to write this review.

I have often wondered who actually writes these reviews. To assure anyone in question as to who wrote this review I welcome your phone call to my cell phone or business for a phone or even in person recommendation of Mr. Lorence.

David Metzger
Metzger Enterprises
Pittsburgh, PA
248-770-0126 (Mobile)

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